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A Letter To My Readers

I write about the dark side of emotional and psychological conditions, about love, and about the natural world. You may see something in a poem about addiction that sparks pain, while someone else reading the same piece they feel comfort in the fact that they are not alone. One of my haiku about love may bring about nostalgia, a smile, a faster heartbeat, or a bittersweet memory. My nature haiku might make you pause and reflect on the simple beauty of the world, your relationship with a higher power, or a recollection of a joyful time. 

I want to tap into all emotion – anger, sadness, fear, joy, exaltation, frustration, peace. I believe we have to feel to remember we’re alive, that the present moment is what we have. Our past can shape our present. We may need to face pieces of our past head on and plow through the pain. We may need to look our partner in the eye and tell them how much we love them. We may need to connect with nature or higher power to remember why we’re here. My prayer is that my poetry inspires you to reaffirm your commitment to yourself or a loved one, to encourage you to stay true to your purpose, or to get the necessary help. 

Life is not meaningless. I know on a cellular level this wondrous, traumatic, glorious, sad, scary, unexplainable thing called life is divinely designed. Embrace the moment. Smile at a stranger. Kiss your lover. Hug your child. Cry your eyes out. Scream at the top of your lungs. Forgive. Be careful to not get caught in the grind of everyday life. Do what brings you joy. Heal your wounds. And above all, don’t quit and don’t say stuck. We all have the instinct to survive, and we have the option to thrive. So thrive, my friends. Forge ahead. Tap into the power within you and the power all around. Take it all in and allow yourself to feel your feelings, see your truth, that your voice be heard.

If no one has told you today that you can do this, whatever your “this” is, allow me. You can. You are badass. You are strong. You are awesome. 

Be blessed,

Lissi Seneway